REMINDER: Balance is one of the most important aspects to living a healthy life style. Enjoy life as it comes and don’t pass up on the things that do make you happy, even greasy, cheesey things. Today I endulged in a 1/4 lb fried mozzarella stick at The Big E. Obviously, this is extremely unhealthy, but it only comes around once a year and you must remember to treat yourself. It’s just as important to fuel your body as it is to fuel your mind.

Following this, I am NOT going to “punish myself” tomorrow to make up for it. I also have no regrets after having a day filled with fair food. In order to keep consistency, you must give yourself some slack. So don’t deprive yourself of everything you enjoy all the time because it’ll only result in fizzling out faster.

That was my littler personal reminder of the day and also 10/10 on this giant mozzarella stick, I highly suggest it for the cheese lovers out there.



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