Wellness Wednesday

Welcome to my very first Wellness Wednesday!

For my first post, I wasn’t certain as to what I should talk about because I think wellness means something a bit different to everyone. However, for me, wellness is a “healthy habit” that helps me keep mentally well. I had a few ideas for this blog, but I figured I talk about something that I practice regularly.

Something that I would recommend anyone to do is to plan, or create a brief schedule for the next day. Some people like to plan their days to a T with an organized planner and calendar, which is something I really admire but haven’t yet committed too. This is a goal of mine but for right now I have my planner which is used for school related planning like assignments, keeping track of tests and meetings, etc. Aside from just planning my school work I also love to plan out when and what I am going to eat the following day, when I’m going to the gym, when I have leisure time, etc. Typically, I will do this in my head, or even jot down some notes in my phone as a reminded. This is something that anyone could do, it just takes some time, 5-10 minutes, dedicated to your thoughts. I typically will do this before bed while I’m trying to fall asleep.

Having a game plan to start my day honestly has such a positive impact. It really helps keep me composed when I have a lot going on. Also, when I know my schedule ahead of time, I look forward to whats going on.

Another tip I have which helps me personally is making a check list. I think it’s so unbelievably satisfying to cross off a long list of things you did at the end of the day. It just boosts my confidence and makes me feel like I made good use of the day. This is something that is so helpful and easy. Literally, all you need is a pen and pencil or even a notes app on your phone.

For anyone that isn’t really into planning and like spontaneous days, I recommend just trying it out for a day or two and see how you feel. Trust me, this isn’t a chore or a burden at all, but a habit I live by now. This is something that I do regularly to help me mentally stay focused. I find that when I don’t plan, I end up reversing back to an unhealthy habit or making poor use of my time like taking a nap or unhealthy bored eating, etc.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first Wellness Wednesday and I recommend everyone just give this a try!


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